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Our Mission

Our mission at Premiere Retirement Planning & Wealth Management is to help our clients build, protect, and preserve their assets and income streams, in order to help them experience true financial peace of mind and security throughout their retirement years.

I built my company around the principles that matter most to me and the people I serve. My staff and I operate with integrity, respect, transparency, and honesty, and will ALWAYS strive to uphold our fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients.

Our Mission

Since incorporating my business in 1994, I have achieved what I believe to be noted success. As President of Premiere Retirement Planning & Wealth Management, my team and I have been able to help countless of people learn how to protect their nest eggs, and retire with peace of mind for over 30 years. I believe that our expertise on estate planning, investment strategies, insurance products, and retirement planning, we have the tools needed to help almost anyone improve their future. At Premiere Retirement Planning & Wealth Management, we have made it our mission to build relationships that last. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to run my own business with the ability to help each individual based on their personal needs. I believe my company has been able to stand out from the crowd because of the way we do things.


Our Process

We keep it simple. Premiere Retirement Planning & Wealth Management has a tested, well-oiled machine in place when it comes to our process and strategy. For nearly 30 years, we have been able to help countless people through this process.

Our Process- Premiere Retirement

Our process is as follows:

  1. It begins by Educating prospective clients on important topics, products, strategies and risks associated with achieving their “Ideal Retirement Life”.
  2. Our “Discovery Meeting” will help to identify the client’s goals and values, and uncover any gaps or oversights in present plans.
  3. The “Retirement Readiness Review” will identify areas that are going well as well as those needing improvement.  We will then assist in developing the appropriate investment allocations, management strategies and income plans utilizing the most appropriate tools to fill those gaps.
  4. The “Ideal Retirement Roadmap” is the plan to get the client form where they are to where they want to be,  This is where we begin implementing the personalized plan of action.
  5. This is only the beginning. Life happens and things change, so it is important to keep in touch regularly to monitor the plan and revise as needed.

During strategy selection and revision, we make use of all relevant products, services, and asset allocation techniques. This includes Risk Management, Income Planning including Social Security Maximization, all legal Tax Planning methods, Health and Long Term Care expense management, and appropriate Estate Planning to building a secure and lasting financial foundation.

Making a Difference

Jeff Vogan knows his life has been truly blessed, and is grateful he has been able to help and bless others’ lives through service and charitable programs. His giving attitude extends beyond his business and filters into the community. Jeff shows devotion to his church and community through a variety of service, and has also been a youth leader for the Boy Scouts of America. Jeff also loves sports, and has been able to coach youth sports teams over the years. At home, his service has been needed in abundance as well. His special needs daughter, Megan, is severely autistic and suffers from epilepsy. This has taught Jeff and his family a lot about the need for continued research to help us understand the mysteries of autism, as well as finding ways to support families who are similarly impacted by autism and children with special needs.  In 2018, Jeff’s advisory firm, Premiere Wealth Advisors, was the title sponsor of Tucson’s autism walk, an event that raised over $500,000 for autism services and research.

In addition A portion of every fee or commission earned by Premiere is donated to the Autism Society of America and more specifically the Arizona Chapters in Tucson and Phoenix. Those of you who benefit from our professional services are helping make a difference in this worthy cause.

 Building a Family Legacy

Speaking of family, Jeff Vogan is a devout family man. He constantly brags about his five wonderful children; Whitney, Taylor, Jordan, Hannah, and Megan. He also loves and supports his beautiful and patient wife of over 30 years, Amy. The family has since grown. Whitney, Taylor, and Jordan are now married to Kyle, Bekah, and Jackie. Jeff and Amy enjoy being grandparents to Whitney’s children; Charlotte (8), Rosie (7), and Kyson (4), and newborn twins, Annie and Weston.  in addition Taylor’s has two little boys; Jace (3), and Mack (1) and Jordan and Jackie are new parents of Stella Rose, born this past January.  Jeff lives for his family, and couldn’t be more excited to see his family grow.

His love for family is truly evident as Jeff Vogan helps build personalized estate plans for his clients to benefit their families and loved ones. Jeff’s past role of Certified Wealth Counselor and charter faculty member of the Heritage Institute has helped him gain relevant experience to help wealth pass from one generation to the next while keeping family values and goals intact. Jeff explains, “It’s not just about transferring the money to who you want, when you want, and how you want, but to create a lasting legacy that provides meaning and value for generations to come. Sound knowledge in financial markets and products is only a piece of the puzzle. A good financial plan begins with learning about the family’s goals, values, hopes, and dreams. If done right, this vision, combined with the proper financial tools and strategies, can become the family legacy.”


Client Bill of Rights

Our company, Premiere Retirement Planning & Wealth Management, takes great pride in providing our PREMIERE clients with world-class service. Meeting the individual needs of our clients is our chief concern, and we require our employees and our affiliates to abide by the same standard. To help ensure that every client is treated in a fair and ethical manner, we have made the following promise through our Client Bill of Rights. Rooted in this philosophy is the fact that every PREMIERE client has both important rights and responsibilities.

As a PREMIERE client, you have the right to:

  • Ongoing monitoring and regular in-person reviews of your financial plans, accounts, investments, estate plans, insurance policies, CD’s, annuities, and applicable legal and tax documents.
  • Have your calls and emails returned within one business day.
  • Receive accurate and timely statements of your account, including details related to every transaction.
  • Have complicated financial concepts explained in simple English.
  • Have any error acknowledged and corrected without delay.
  • Full disclosure of every commission or fee related to every transaction.
  • Never receive a recommendation that has not been thoroughly investigated in advance.
  • Be treated with the utmost respect and integrity at all times.
  • Receive honest advice and feedback even if it’s hard to hear.
  • More than just a business relationship; a genuine personal relationship that takes your circumstances, values, and goals into consideration at all times.
  • Trust that your financial advisor is knowledgeable, registered, and up-to-speed with important developments that have the potential to impact you.
  • Be fully informed about all strategic decisions regarding your accounts before any change is made.
  • Have your privacy carefully guarded, and to never have your personal information shared with someone who is not entitled to it.

As a PREMIERE client, your responsibilities are:

  • Fully disclose accurate information about your financial status and investment objectives, including goals, risk tolerance, and other pertinent details.
  • Ask any questions you have about recommendations we make.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with all strategies, investments, risks, costs, and fees associated with your accounts.
  • Immediately notify us of any changes in your financial situation, or other significant occurrences.
  • Be honest with your advisor about any accounts or investments you have with another firm, or that you personally manage.
  • Read all sales literature and prospectuses provided to you.
  • Let us know if we fail to meet your expectations in any way, and how we can improve.

Investment advisory services offered through Horter Investment Management, LLC, a SEC-Registered Investment Advisor. Horter Investment Management does not provide legal or tax advice. Investment Advisor Representatives of Horter Investment Management may only conduct business with residents of the states and jurisdictions in which they are properly registered or exempt from registration requirements. Insurance and annuity products are sold separately through Premiere Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Securities transactions for Horter Investment Management clients are placed through Trust Company of America, TD Ameritrade and Jefferson National Life Insurance Company.
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