Meet Jeff P. Vogan, RFC, CEP, IAR with Horter Investment Management, LLC, owner and president of Premiere Retirement Planning and Wealth Management, a financial firm serving Arizonans including many Raytheon employees and retirees since 1994. Premiere’s Tucson Office is located at 1751 E Skyline Dr. Ste. 101

Jeff’s mission is to help his clientele prepare for retirement through intelligent wealth accumulation strategies, and then guide them through the transition into their new retirement lifestyle. Once retired, and perhaps most importantly, Jeff and his firm focus on responsible wealth management and estate planning, to help clients stay retired with more peace of mind. “Managing risk and maximizing cash flow through maximizing pension plans, social security and different annuity options are a big part of a sound retirement plan” , explains Vogan. “Most people want to be able to live out their retirement dreams and not worry about running out of money”.

Unfortunately, many employees of large firms don’t get a great deal of service or financial advice with their 401K plans and other retirement accounts. They often get matching contributions to their savings, which is good, but many participants are left on their own when it comes to diversifying and investing their funds. They generally get limited choices from pre-set traditional asset allocated models based on a general risk tolerance scale, and generally don’t get much in the way of advice or consultation. This is especially true when assets are held by a giant custodian such as Fidelity or other large institutions.

That’s where Premiere Retirement and Wealth Management can really help. As an independent financial firm Premiere feels it can be more nimble, more flexible and more comprehensive when it comes to investment diversification, tactical asset management, guaranteed lifetime income with fixed annuity options, and striving to protect assets from many retirement uncertainties. Even if clients aren’t retired yet, Jeff and his team find great satisfaction in coaching them on investing within their current 401Ks and other retirement accounts, and educating clients on how they can diversify out of their plans to other qualified accounts without penalty or taxes, through what is called in-service withdrawals. This may provide more investment options, better diversification, and if done right, can provide better risk adjusted performance more in line with one’s retirement goals.
A good financial plan requires constant review and an occasional tweak here and there. Sometimes modifications are driven by market conditions and other times they are determined by a client’s values, a lifestyle change or new set of goals. That’s why regularly scheduled reviews are necessary and are a priority at Premiere Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Client retention and satisfaction are the firm’s highest priority and they believe it is a reason clients have the confidence to refer their closest friends and neighbors to Jeff Vogan and his firm.

If you have questions about your retirement plan or want to know what your options are to better prepare for retirement, call Premiere Retirement and Estate Planning for a no obligation consultation or to register for an educational workshop or college course.

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